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Chronicle - Pompeii

Delia created sound for an episode of the series Chronicle about Pompeii[1] and billed the BBC as "Delia Derbyshire and Alan Oldham" from the same address that Kaleidophon used in 1968.[2] though the BBC copyright date in the end credits is 1974.

The script in Delia's papers names Barry Cunliffe[1] as the narrator.

Interestingly, this sound was created by Delia outside the BBC and was sold to them with an explicit clause saying that use by the BBC for any purpose other than this film is prohibited.[2]

End Credits

  • Presenter: Professor Barry Cunliffe[3][4]
  • Executive Producer: Paul Johnstone[3][4]
  • Producer: Julia Cave[3][4]
  • Special music: Delia Derbyshire[4]
  • Film cameraman: Peter Hall[4]
  • Copyright: BBC 1974[4]



  • DD059: 16mm film silent print
  • DD254: "Pompei (BH label) Odeon trumpet"
  • DD255: "Pompei Chronicle"
  • DD258: Lyre and clarinet makeup recordings
  • DD270: "Pomp Basic 1" source recordings

Track listing

  • 00:00-00:16 Title theme
  • 00:16-01:42 Intro
  • 40:43-46:09 Theatre and Palaestra
  • 49:27-54:41 The eruption and end credits


For The Three Theatres

Odeon Clarinet

Odeon Clarinet - Spectrogram.jpg

Odeon Plucked Strings

Odeon Plucked Strings - Spectrogram.jpg



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