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Science All Around title

Delia created music for a programme "Sound" in the BBC Schools TV series Science All Around.

Delia's plan for the piece describes it as a:

Sig. for Science prog. ‘What's going to happen next’
atmos. of intrigue (not Dr. Who), light and enjoyable
a tune with ground bass of 6 main harmonics and countermelody — 1 min.

made from the sounds of things vibrating: a bowed plate and an ascillator.[1]

The piece's creation starts with a phone call from producer Robin Gwyn to the workshop, which is taken down in pencilled notes for Desmond Briscoe, who then forwards the work to Delia, who realises something inspired by the resonance patterns that form on Chladni plates in response to different sounds.

Its master tape's catalogue entry is dated June 1971 but the tape is not to be found.[2]






  • Broadcast on BBC1 on the 6th and 11th October 1971.[3]
  • The BBC Sound Archive's tape TRW 7420 is not to be found.[2]


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