Shadow of the Pharoah

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In 1972, Delia created sound for Shadow of the Pharoah, a radio drama by Victor Pemberton[1] and David Spencer[2] produced by Graham Gauld, described as an "exciting adventure story set in ancient times"[3] and consisting of six 27-minute episodes.

Musical elements consist of a few notes on solo trumpet, a close-harmony fanfare played live on a handful of trumpets and a single trumpet note at the very end, plus reverb on some voices and a few sound effects. The City of Thebes and Music! And a Sweet Smell! are the most characteristically Delian music, while the Cheeps and The Lotus Pool effects are cute.

The closing credits make no mention of any composer, of "Music by..." or anything similar.

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated August 1972[4] and it was broadcast on 30th September of the same year.[1][4]

Track listing

1. Into the Shadow
00:03-00:08     solo trumpet fanfare 4-1
00:18-00:22     solo trumpet fanfare 2-1
00:49-01:05     poly trumpet fanfare
01:31-01:36     Cheeps
05:09-05:51     flute solo in b/g to speaking
19:29-19:55     "The City of Thebes": trumpet soundscape (*)
26:30-26:38     closing trumpet note

2. Beware the Serpent
00:00-00:17     poly trumpet fanfare
05:49-07:16     theme from "Towards Tomorrow" as the strange music of the enemies
06:57-07:10     high-pitched effect
21:11-22:10     The Lotus Pool FX
26:41-26:47     closing trumpet note

3. The Black Tomb of Osiris
00:00-00:17     poly trumpet fanfare
01:05-03:53     "Music! And a sweet smell!" (*)
26:48-27:03     extended closing trumpet note

4. The Eye of the Sky God
00:00-00:17     poly trumpet fanfare
11:36-12:20     flute solo in b/g to speaking
26:36-26:44     closing trumpet note

5. Into Battle
00:00-00:17     poly trumpet fanfare
02:06-02:13     mono trumpet salute with a single echo
20:28-20:33     "What in Seth's name is that?": Trumpet with tremolo FX
26:30-26:52     Grandiose big-band closing

6. Out of the Shadow
00:00-00:17     poly trumpet fanfare
15:59-16:13     mono trumpet salute with multiple echoes
19:36-19:42     mono trumpet salute (single clean version) "The Priests of Sobek"
24:58-25:04     mono trumpet salute (clean fading to cheers)
26:02-26:20     poly trumpet fanfare

(*) Delian parts


The City of Thebes

The City of Thebes - Spectrogram.jpg

Music! And a Sweet Smell!

Music! And a Sweet Smell! - Spectrogram.jpg


  • Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 30th September 1972[1][4] at 16:30.[5] on the BBC Genome Project]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on 2 reels of tape TRW 7637.[4]
  • Appears to be archived on at 32kbps and on at 56kbps. They appear to be the same recording, and the otron one seems to be a recompression of the otrrlibrary one as it is a fraction of a second shorter and the waveforms seem rougher.


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