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There's loads to do on the WikiDelia. If you'd like to help out, you can

  • email me for a free wikidelia-editing account
  • work on one of the non-wiki-writing items and mail me the results
  • make a donation to ensure the WikiDelia's continued existence in the future. Every $6 extends its life by a month.


Writing the wikidelia


Document recovery

At Manchester

  • Get a better scan of The Dark Ages glossy magazine article for the photo of Briscoe and Delia. Library catalogue number GB 133 DDA/1/5/19.

Papers to transcribe

Scores to typeset

The following pieces are only known from their scores, so typesetting one will resurrect an otherwise dead piece.


THe following are good candidates for conventional scoring:

Audio to recover

Radio programmes

  • The Cyprian Queen broadcast 2nd March 1964 at 8:30pm on the Home Service
  • The Death of a Jelly Baby/Gravel broadcast
    • 29th May 1964 at 8.45pm on the BBC Third Programme
    • 14th June 1964
  • The Pool broadcast
    • 5th March 1965 at 21:50 on BBC Network Three
    • 22nd March 1965
    • 8th January 1966
  • The Dark Ages broadcast
    • 1st May 1965 at 8.00pm
    • 17th May 1965
  • The Flame broadcast
    • 16th July 1965 on the BBC Third Programme
    • 1st August 1965.
  • An ABC in Sound broadcast 7th January 1966
  • A Bayeux Tapestry broadcast
    • 13 October 1966 at 7:50pm on the Third Programme
    • 1 November 1967 20.35 on BBC Radio 3
    • 2 November 1969 14.30 on BBC Radio 4 FM
  • The Coming of the Car, episode of BBC Radio for Schools series "The Modern World" broadcast 9th November 1966
  • A Year I Remember: A Silence filled with Greek, broadcast
    • 17th January 1967 at 7:30pm on the BBC Third Programme
    • 10th February 1967
  • Home This Afternoon should have Delia's title music from 1967 on.
  • The Applicant radio play
    • 21st December 1967 at 8.50pm on BBC Radio 3
    • 26th April 1968
  • Anti Smoking Campaign for Radio Leeds, late 1968.
  • The Autocrats, in the NPR Earplay series, was broadcast on American radio station KRAB.FM
    • Apr 28, 1974 at 7:30pm
    • Oct 5, 1974 at 8:30pm
    • Apr 30, 1976 at 2:00pm
    • Mar 18, 1977 at 7:30pm

These interviews may be interesting:

  • The Afternoon Shift, 28th March 1997, BBC Radio 4, a programme about the demise of the BBCRW.
  • The BBC has Oram interview quotes in its recording of The World This Weekend: 10 Years of The Radiophonic Workshop (1972)[1] Also on TRW 6843. See if the episode has any mention of Delia or her work.

Where to search:

  • The Old Time Radio Researchers make a lot of old radio recordings available on the web, mostly American series from the 1940s.
  • RadioGOLDINdex lists mostly American radio shows that he used to have but does not provide content.
  • Radio Spirits reissues old American Radio programmes and bought many of the master tapes from RadioGOLDINdex.
  • There are many collectors of British radio recordings, but you have to contact them individually.
  • The British Library Drama and literature recordings
  • The British Library has a collection of BBC Radio recordings but "The BBC Sound Archive Catalogue can currently only be accessed in the British Library's Humanities - floor 2 reading room, where printed catalogues or microfiche (shelfmark HUS025.348209421) detailing pre-1992 holdings can be browsed."[2] although "The online catalogue details a significant proportion of the Library's radio holdings"[2]
  • University College London has some radio programmes, but you need to be a UCL student, member of staff or honorary member of staff.

BBC TV programmes

Where to search:

In libraries/institutions

On the Radiophonic Workshop tapes

and Delia's music for over a hundred other programmes

On the Attic Tapes

See Attic Tapes:Wishlist



  • Get a digital copy of the Attic Tapes and the Ayres hoard.
  • Delia's music for Johnny's Jaunts published on cassette or from off-air recordings.

Audio Processing


  • Re-do all pre-2016 spectrograms using the repaired sndfile-spectrogram.
  • Split The After Life into tracks and do spectrograms
  • Do the spectrograms for Audio from 1971 on

System Administration

  • Web server: See if the Score mediawiki extension works when using mediawiki 1.18 to typeset score fragments.
  • Learn how to make automated edits using the Mediawiki API by modifying their example client code
  • Make a torrent of The Bagman