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THE BAGMAN or The Impromptu of Muswell Hill by John Arden / BBC Radio

Delia produced electronic music and effects for the BBC's 1970 production of The Bagman or The Impromptu of Muswell Hill, a radio play by John Arden, directed by Martin Esslin. The presenter for a repeat broadcast says: "In it, in the form of a dream, some of the problems facing a socially conscious playwright in our time are described."

The play is one hour and 28 minutes in length and is described as a "Witty Fable" and a "modern version of Molière's Versailles Impromptu"[1].

John Arden has a dream in which he meets an old woman who sells him a canvas bag, "A pig in a poke", he then finds himself transported to a dystopian land where the people are starving while the rich live in idleness and squalor.[2]

A note in her papers says that The Bagman was entered by the BBC for the Italia Prize 1970 and that she was scheduled to receive 20% of the prize money if the play should win.[3]

The Radiophonic Database credits it to Delia and Malcolm Clarke,[4] and the Performing Rights Society's list of works by Delia Ann Derbyshire has:

Title: Bagman
Writer(s): Derbyshire Delia Ann, Clarke Malcolm John (SNR), Arden John (FR) 
Publisher: BBC Worldwide Music
Work number: 1652496T 
Type: 00/90 [?]
Creation date: 1 January 1984

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated February 1970.[4]


Phantoms of Darkness - Spectrogram.jpg


The moments with Delian music and effects are:

  • 00:26-01:34 Opening theme

The Bagman - 1. Opening Theme - Spectrogram.jpg

  • 03:04-04:26 Dreaming in Highgate Wood

The Bagman - 2. Dreaming in Highgate Wood - Spectrogram.jpg

  • 50:28-51:07 Dreaming at the Ministers

The Bagman - 3. Dreaming at the Ministers - Spectrogram.jpg

  • 1:14:50-56 Vocal fanfare

The Bagman - 4. Vocal Fanfare - Spectrogram.jpg

  • 1:15:20-57 Percussive Phantoms

The Bagman - 5. Percussive Phantoms - Spectrogram.jpg

  • 1:23:51-24:25 The Little People

The Bagman - 6. The Little People - Spectrogram.jpg

  • 1:25:12-13 Huge Steel-Shod Foot

The Bagman - 7. Huge Steel-Shod Foot - Spectrogram.jpg

  • 1:26:17-27:14 The Gypsy Woman

The Bagman - 8. The Gypsy Woman - Spectrogram.jpg

  • 1:27:35-28:25 Closing theme

The Bagman - 9. Closing Theme - Spectrogram.jpg


  • First broadcast on Radio 3 in March 1970.[5]
  • Broadcast as "The Monday Play" on BBC Radio 4 on 31st January 1977.
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 7163.[4]
  • In 1976, Dreaming in Highgate Wood was renamed Phantoms of Darkness[6] and issued on record.


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