The Pattern Emerges

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The Pattern Emerges is a track on the Electrosonic album, almost certainly created on a VCS3 synthesiser.

Though the album has three authors, this track sounds like pure Delia.

For a reverse-engineered score in LilyPond and the resulting PDF and MIDI files, see The Pattern Emerges (score).


The Pattern Emerges - Spectrogram.jpg Eight-octave pectrogram of The Pattern Emerges from A(27.5Hz) to A(7040Hz) at 100 pixels per second.


File:The Pattern Emerges - melody + chords instrument - log spectrogram.jpg
A note from the melody with its chords, showing tremolo

The piece is constructed of three voices: the melody, the chords and the bass line.

The melody and chords are played on something close to a sine wave with a 7.5Hz tremolo (a regular variation in the volume of the note) and the bass on something similar but with vibrato instead (a variation in its pitch) varying between 9 and 13Hz, where the variation from 13Hz to 9 and back repeats every 1.75 seconds.