The Synth and Electronic Recording Exchanges

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The Synth and Electronic Recording Exchanges

Some of the tapes that Delia and Martin Hannett exchanged in the 1970 were released as an album, which is

supposedly a back and forth, one track from Delia then one by Martin, but the sequencing feels arbitrary and a bit of a mess, skipping from Hannett’s baroque twils to dark blasts of sci-fi analog electronics and back, over and again.[1]

The Hannett's tracks are mostly Wendy Carlos-like versions of traditional themes

Track list

From Boomkat's "Tracks for The Synth And Electronic Recording Exchanges":

  • 1. Hannett: Electronic version of Happy Birthday To You
  • 2. Delia: Electrobuild
  • 3. Hannett: Electronic version of a piece by Bach
  • 4. Delia: Shock Chords
  • 5. Hannett: Another by Bach
  • 6. Delia. The Wizard's Laboratory
  • 7. Filtered noise wash
  • 8. Random notes and themes
  • 9. Delia: Quest
  • 10. Hannett: More Bach
  • 11. Delia: Quest - fast
  • 12. Hannett: Electronic version of Scott Jolpin's The Entertainer
  • 13. Delia: Electrostings
  • 14. Hannett: Electronic version of ???
  • 15. Delia: Effervescence
  • 16. Another filtered noise wash with melody and electronic gull cries
  • 17. Delia: Computermatic
  • 18. Hannett: More Bach
  • 19. Delia: Frontier of Knowledge
  • 20. Hannett: Electronic version of Carmen
  • 21. Delia's The Pattern Emerges, missing the first few notes