The Visitation

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Diagrammatic score

In 1967 Delia created the track The Visitation with David Vorhaus and Brian Hodgson for the 1968 album An Electric Storm.

A draft of the text for the album cover[1] reads:

'The Visitation' provokes both fear and sorrow, (stereo
essential here - headphones: wow!, but be careful).
Others will arouse more pleasurable sensations.

Over 11 minutes long, The Visitation took nearly three months to finish.[2]


  • DD164801: "I3": Diagrammatic score and notes for "Death is silent"... to end
  • DD165121: Typewritten lyrics, draft
  • DD164945: Typewritten lyrics, "spaced version 1"
  • DD165109: Typewritten lyrics, "spaced version 2"
  • DD165749: Typewritten lyrics for album cover, "spacing final copy"


The Visitation - Spectrogram.jpg