A New View of Politics

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A New View of Politics was a BBC programme consisting of an interview with Jo Grimond on the reasons for his resignation from the leadership of the Liberal Party.

Delia created a theme tune for the programme, described as "devastatingly effective (and perfect for the optimism of early BBC2, for whom the piece was written)."[1]

Though the track listing for it on BBC Radiophonic Workshop - 21 says it is from 1966, its tape's catalogue entry (which may be when the tape was assigned to the project) is dated 1st January 1967 and the programme was broadcast on 5th February 1967.


A New View of Politics - Spectrogram.jpg



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  2. I don't remember where I first saw the broadcast date.
  3. The Tape Library List's entry for TRW 6613 says "TX 5/2/97", presumably a typo for 67.
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