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Dick Mills, John Baker and Delia are credited with the music for the pilot programme of the BBC Radio 4 series "New Worlds", whose working title was "New Review", produced by David Patterson.[1]

The music ultimately used for the series is credited to John Baker alone[2] and was released on the album BBC Radiophonic Music.

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated 1st July 1967 and its notes read:

Second band on reel (dated September 1967) is labelled 6696/A and is final music for series. Makeup material is also included.
This item represents an excellent example of early Radiophonic "multitracking" techniques.


  • The pilot programme was never broadcast.
  • The final version with John Baker's music was broadcast on 20th October 1967 at 9.30pm on BBC Radio 4.[1]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6696.[1]


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