Synchrondipity Machine

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Delia collaborated with Sonic Boom's Experimental Audio Research to create the track Synchrondipity Machine (an unfinished dream).


Sonic Boom - Editing, mixing & effects inc. SMS tools 0.8 analysis/resynthesis software.

Delia Derbyshire - liquid paper sounds generated using fourier synthesis of sound based on photo/pixel info (B2wav - bitmap to sound programme).


The Performing Right Society's list of works by Delia Ann Derbyshire has:

Title: Synchrondipity Machine
Writer(s): Derbyshire, Delia Ann; Kember, Peter John
Publisher: Zomba Music Publishers Ltd.
Creation date: 16 February 2005


  • Released as track 37 of "Grain" by Dot Dot Dot Music.
  • Released on "The Electronic Bible - Chapter 1" (White Label Music, WLM 004).