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Dick & Dom's Absolute Genius: Delia Derbyshire

Dick and Dom's Absolute Genius series 1 episode 5 was dedicated to Delia, including her with Brunel, Newton, Da Vinci and Von Braun.

It opens with the usual biographical story and stock footage, then "genius composer" Mark Ayres shows and plays the original makeup tapes for Doctor Who.

  • 13:08 Delia's makeup tape of the melody line for Doctor Who
Doctor Who - Melody from Absolute Genius.ogg
  • 13:43 Delia's makeup tape of the bass loop for Doctor Who
Doctor Who - Bass loop from Absolute Genius.ogg
  • 15:56-16:05 An unindentified piece, claimed to be Delia's music, is played from CD. It sounds like John Baker and is followed by parts of Great Zoos of the World and Pot au Feu
Unidentified Piece from Dick & Dom's Absolute Genius.ogg


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