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DD153652 is a carbon copy of a typewritten Delia's invoice for her music for The Cracksman.


25th April 1963                   From
                                  Delia Derbyshire
                                  17 Clifton Villas
Mr W A Whittaker
Associated British Picture Corporation
Elstree Studios
Boreham Wood

For creating two minutes of electronic
sound for the 'In a Monastery Garden'
sequence of 'The Cracksman', and sup-
plying these sounds on ¼" tape at 15 i.p.s.,
                                   40 guineas.

[Hand-written addition:]
This work has been carried out with the help
of Mr. Desmond Briscoe and his equipment and
I would like the cheque to be made payable
to him at:-    107 Grosvenor Road

     the instrument is an Eb safe-
     unlocking mechanism!
                 Hope you like it --
                        Delia Derbyshire

     Also enclosed is your original cue tape--
     the one in the tin box.
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