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Michael Mason

Michael Mason started as a BBC Radio Producer in 1965[1] and "collaborated extensively with the Radiophonic Workshop [producing a] series of epic, richly layered montage features, starting with A Bayeux Tapestry and Rus in the late 60s and ending with Sunken Treasure in 1983."[2]

Delia worked on his milestone first radio production, A Bayeux Tapestry.

He also worked with the Radiophonic Workshop on other "characteristically multilayered productions",[3] but not with Delia, to create:

  • Rus (a history of Russia) (1967, working with David Cain)[4]
  • The Long March (1970, working with David Cain and Dick Mills)[5]
  • Plain Tales from the Raj (1974)
  • The British Seafarer (1979-80)

By a strange coincidence, he was born in Maida Vale, home of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.[3]


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