This Question of Pressures

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Delia worked on sound for a BBC TV current affairs programme This Question of Pressures produced by Stanley Hyland.[1]

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated May 1969.[1]


  • DD142943: Delia's notes: "This Q? Trombone:"
  • DD143008: Delia's manuscript: "This Question of Pressures - later Britain" with chord sequences.
  • DD143039: Delia's notes: "Find: horns alone, sirens, ..."
  • DD143050: Delia's notes: "BASIC MUSIC TAPE For Tues. version"
  • DD143105: Delia's notes: "Version for Tuesday"
  • DD143123: Delia's notes: "Rhythm: Aztec type - modulated again?" and score fragments
  • DD143146: Delia's notes, looking like a list of tapes for the final mix
  • DD143159: Delia's notes: "FINAL MIX"



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