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DD113258 is a sheet of Delia's manuscript dated 6th March 1966 and entitled "Martinis", which is probably the working title for "Ape and Essence (Ninety Double Martinis)", which was broadcast on the 18th May 1966.


Delia's markings on the manuscript read:

6.3.66 (1)
fast - slow - fast
Piles of 5ths a semitone apart
write c. pt.on[?]
CONS: contains- major 3rds, no min. 3rds, 5ths, wh. tones
Romantic using only maj. 3rds + wh. tones
would ????? D# major
poss. dissonant intervals
  • maj. is "major"
  • wh. tones is "whole tones"