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DD165251 is a letter dated 8th June 1969 from Brian Hodgson to the producer of 'Moon Zero Two' at Hammer Film Productions, introducing Kaleidophon for potential work. It mentions Tony Richardson's Hamlet at the Chalk Farm Round House and "title music for a new London Weekend Television science fiction series" (which?).


                                K  A  L  E  I  D  O  P  H  O  N  
Delia Derbyshire  Brian Hodgson  David Vorhaus  281-3 Camden High Street London NW1  01485 6464

The Producer, 'Moon Zero Two'
Hammer Film Productions Ltd.
113 Wardour Street, W.1                     8th June 1969
                Dear Sir

                Kaleidophon is a fairly new company con-
                cerned with the composition and realisation
                of electronic music and special sound.

                Recent projects include ghost voice and
                electronic music sequences for Tony Rich-
                ardson's production of "Hamlet" at the
                Chalk Farm Round House; title music for a
                new London Weekend Television science
                fiction series; an electronic pop music
                LP: "An Electric Storm by the White
                Noise" to be issued by Island Records in

                If you feel that we may be of assistance
                to you, we'd be pleased to discuss it with

                               Yours faithfully

                              (Brian Hodgson)