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I Think in Shapes (screenshot)

Delia is credited with music for I Think In Shapes in the series Henry Moore at the Tate produced by John Gibson, first broadcast on 27th August 1968.[1][2][3]

"The retrospective exhibition of Henry Moore's life's work, arranged by the Tate Gallery in 1968 to celebrate the artist's seventieth birthday. Henry Moore walks among, touches, and speaks about his creations."[4]

and the BBC programme listing says:[1][2]

I Think in Shapes not Words: Henry Moore 1968
Henry Moore walks among the pieces in the open air exhibition of his works in the grounds of the Tate gallery.
Duration: 35 minutes
First broadcast: 27 August 1968
Participant: Henry Moore 
Producer: John Gibson 


I Think in Shapes - clip - Spectrogram.jpg



  • Broadcast on 27th August 1968[1][2] at 8.00pm on BBC2.[3]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6909.[3]
  • There are supposed to be two clips of the programme on the BBC's website but one is unavailable and the other "doesn't seem to be working at present":
  • Someone with better luck than me sent the following audio saying that it is the only piece of Delia's music in the extracts.