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In 1968, Delia gave a lecture at Morley College in London about her work at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, at which she met David Vorhaus, a turning point in her life.[1].

I was giving a lecture at Morley College in London and he came up to me afterwards.[2]

I was on my way to an orchestral gig when the conductor told me that there was a lecture next door on the subject of electronic music. The lecture was fantastic and we got on like a house on fire, starting the Kaleidophon studio about a week later![3]

Morley College's archivist was unable to find any mention of the event in their archives: the only mention of electronic music was in the course guides for 1960-65, repeated in 1960-1, 1961-2, 1962-3 and 1963-4:

'Week-end research courses in Kent under the direction of Miss Daphne Oram for musicians interested in exploring this field technically are open to Morley students. Facilities will be available for composition. Further details on application'.[4]


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