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Morse code ideas on DD164114

Radio Newsreel was a news programme produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation between 1940 and 1988,[1] which had as title music the pompous military theme "Imperial Echoes" by Arnold Safroni.[2]

Delia's papers contain 20 sheets of her notes for the creation of a new Radio Newsreel signature tune for producer Harry F. Brown,[3] with work to start 26th July[4] 1963.[5] The work was commissioned in 1962.[3]

The piece was never used and when John Simpson became the new producer of Radio Newsreel in May 1968, "I was a producer now, in charge of entire programmes, including our ageing flagship Radio Newsreel with its delightfully bombastic theme music Imperial Echoes."[6]

In her papers, the piece is referred to as "RNR".



Radio Newsreel - Spectrogram.jpg


  • First broadcast on 13th May 2017 on BBC Radio 3 as part of the programme Monteverdi 450 at 1:25:55.


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