Waris Hussein

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Waris Hussein

Waris Hussein directed the first four episodes of the TV programme Doctor Who,[1] for which Delia created the theme music.

On the 16th August 1963 at 2:30, Delia has an appointment with Waris Hussein about Doctor Who.[2]

She (Verity Lambert) and the initial director Waris Hussein came to see Desmond Briscoe, the Organiser of the Workshop at that time and my boss. They said 'We've got a pilot of four episodes for a programme called Doctor Who, can you do some music?'[3]

When Verity Lambert and Waris Hussein came, they sat in what I assume must have been the offices or the changing rooms, which was our office, and literally flakes of plaster were falling on their shoulders and they were so elegantly dressed.[4]


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