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In 1967 Delia created the sound track for Yoko Ono's 20-minute[1] film Wrapping Piece at Kaleidophon for Yoko Ono Productions.

Delia: I did a film soundtrack for Yoko Ono. While she slept on my floor.
Sonic Boom: That must have been 66-ish.
Delia: No, later than that. It would be '67 or '68. It was about the same time that she met John Lennon. Because when we were having our or… oh... orgy on the carpet. We had a… golly, my goodness! So yes, she did her Bottoms film. And we did the soundtrack for the shorter film, which was the wrapping of the lions in Trafalgar Square, which was a happening.
   -- the Surface interview

John met Yoko on November 9, 1966 at John Dunbar's Indica Gallery in London.[2]

The film was shown at the ICA in London in 2004[1] but "unfortunately the film had no soundtrack. A friend at the ICA asked the curator of the exhibition and film festival, someone with an exhaustive knowledge of Yoko Ono's work, who said that he had no knowledge of a film of the Wrapping Event with an existing soundtrack."[3]

This piece also gets called Wrapping Event.