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Yoko Ono

Delia Derbyshire met Yoko Ono through David Vorhaus and in 1967 or '68 created the music track for Yoko Ono's 20-minute film Wrapping Piece.

I did a film soundtrack for Yoko Ono. While she slept on my floor. [...] It would be '67 or '68. It was about the same time that she met John Lennon. Because when we were having our or… oh... orgy on the carpet. We had a… golly, my goodness! So yes, she did her Bottoms film. And we did the soundtrack for the shorter film, which was the wrapping of the lions in Trafalgar Square, which was a happening.[1]

“Yoko was sleeping on her studio floor,” recalls Clive. “I don't know who else was there and the idea of having an orgy came up. They were all egging each other on but in the end Yoko backed out of it.”[2]