10 Clifton Road

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10 Clifton Road, Maida Vale

10 Clifton Road

He (Anthony Newley) came to my little one-room flat above a flower shop in Maida Vale to hear the backing track he'd asked me to do.[1]

Joan and Jackie Collins dropped him off in a limousine at my lovely little flat above a flower shop, and he said "If you can write songs like this, I'll get you out of this place"![2]

In the early '60s [...] she had a small flat above a flower shop in Maida Vale, near the home of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.[3]

for much of her time working for the BBC, Delia lived in a flat in Maida Vale, where she kept a spinet, on which she would play "Bach and Bach and Bach" during her lunch hours and other periods of free time. She even noted with joy that the sound of her spinet could fill her room without passing through the floor or walls to disturb her neighbours![4]

Delia was living here on the 24th October 1966[5] and the 15th of September 1967.[6]

Number 10 is the black door in the centre. Two doors to the left is a flower shop.

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