Anne Boleyn

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Delia set Anne Boleyn's last poem to music for Poets in Prison.

For papers, analysis etc, see Poets in Prison#Anne Boleyn.

Poem text

                                    Anne Boleyn

O death! rock me on sleep,
  Bring me on quiet rest;
Yet pass my guiltless ghost
  Out of my careful breast:
Toll on the passing bell,
Ring out the doleful knell,
Let the sound of my death tell,
    For I must die,
    There is no remedy,
    For now I die

My pains who can express?
  Alas! they are so strong,
My dolor will not suffer strength
  My life for to prolong:
Toll on the passing bell, etc.

Alone, in prison strong,
  I wail my destiny,
Wo worth this cruel hap that I
  Should taste this misery:
Toll on the passing bell, etc.

Farewell my pleasures past,
  Welcome my present pain;
I feel my torments so increase
  That life cannot remain.
Cease now the passing bell,
Rung is my doleful knell,
For the sound my death doth tell,
    Death doth draw nigh,
    Sound my end dolefully,
    For now I die.