Blue Veils and Golden Sands (radio play)

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Blue Veils and Golden Sands is a 45-minute radio play about Delia's life.

The script is an uninspired and awkward pastiche of material from her interviews. The actress who plays Delia makes her sound weak and silly, very different from the Delia we know from her interviews, and it harps on about alcoholism roughly once every five minutes.

It was also published on a BBC CD together with Delia's music from the other BBC Radiophonic Workshop albums: Doctor Who (Original Theme) Time On Our Hands, Arabic Science and Industry, Know Your Car, Mattachin, Pot Au Feu, Happy Birthday, Zivvzah Zivvzah OO-OO-OO (!), Towards Tomorrow, Door To Door, Air, Science and Health, Chromophone Band, A New View of Politics, Environmental Studies, Chronicle, Great Zoos of the World, Dance from 'Noah', Blue Veils and Golden Sands, The Delian Mode, Time To Go, Doctor Who (Closing Theme),


  • Written by Martyn Wade
  • Produced and directed by Cherry Cookson
  • Music by Elizabeth Parker
  • Sophie Thompson as Delia Derbyshire