Britain's Role in the Seventies

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Delia is credited with music for Britain's Role in the 70's, a BBC TV programme produced by John Eidenow whose tape is dated September 1969.[1]

The BBC Genome Project lists:[2]

Tuesday 9 December 1969 19.00
Britain's Role in the Seventies
5: Following the Imperial Sunset since 1950 only one
ex-colony has not joined the Commonwealth. Yet does it
continue only because it is there? Has it a practical 
purpose with which to survive the 70s?
Presented by THOMAS BARMAN
Consultant DENIS AUSTIN with
Rt Hon Michael Stewart, MP,
Rt Hon Sir Alec Douglas-Home, KT MP,
Rt Hon George Brown, MP,
Lord Gladwyn Rt Hon Douglas Jay, MP,
Rt Hon lain Macleod, MP,
Produced by JOHN EIDINOW 


  • Broadcast on 9th December 1969 at 19:00 on BBC Two.[2]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 7094.[1]


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