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DD005 is the Initial Catalogue number of one of Delia's Attic Tapes, containing Cubism, Play For Today and Orpheus.

Mark Ayres' notes

Type: Cassette
Label: Cubism
Description: Cubism, Play for Today (7.10.71), Orpheus.

James Percival's notes

CDD/1/9/11 Cubism / Play for Today / Orpheus
Radio programmes with contributions by Derbyshire
FORMER REFERENCE: DD005 DATE: 1997 CONTAINS: Art and Design: Cubism, Listening and Writing:
MEDIUM: Cassette
LABELS: [Tape label:] CUBISM
[Case insert:] 1 – Cubism / 2 – Play for Today 7-10-71 / 3 – " " " / 4 – Orpheus
NOTES: TDK FE90 cassette.
Cassette sent from Paddy Kingsland to Delia Derbyshire (see letter dated 14/11/1997 in CDD/3/9
Correspondence 1990s–2001).