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DD016 is the Initial Catalogue number of one of Delia's Attic Tapes, containing Moogies Bloogies and Way Out.

Mark Ayres' notes

Type: 7" reel, 1/4" tape,
Label: Newley/Howard
Description: Marked "Newley Copy Long Master" and "F. Howerd"

James Percival's notes

CDD/1/7/69 Newley/Howerd
Moogies Bloogies and Way Out
FORMER REFERENCE: DD016 CONTAINS: Anthony Newley: Moogies Bloogies
MEDIUM: 7" reel, ¼" tape TAPE SPEED: 15ips DURATION: 00:05:37
LABELS: [EMITAPE box:] NEWLEY COPY long master 15 / F HOWERD COPY 15
[Erased:] Macbeth 2 Show tape [?] / copy / Backwards
NOTES: Unreleased pop track with tune and waltz-time electronic backing by Derbyshire and lyrics and singing by Anthony Newley, followed by Way Out.