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DD017 is the Initial Catalogue number of one of Delia's Attic Tapes.

Mark Ayres' notes

Type: 7" reel, 1/4" tape,
Label: Lateef
Description: Box contains Radio Times clippings - "Keyboard Instruments", "Late Gothic Music"

Louis Niebur's notes

Opens with swooping sine tone (short)
Then some piano and pan flute “jazz” :20-5;12 (Tubby Hayes?)
5:30 jazz in 5/4, track ends 8:40
second jazz track, begins (9:05
at 11:00 right channel switches backwards talking.
(it’s an interview with Barry Bermange, after the first 2 inventions)
In box are clippings from Radio Times that says
1st clipping:
VHF & Wavelengths
Home Service, Wrotham 93.5 (DD underlined 93.5 in red) and wrote “hum” 330 m. (underlined in red) at bottom,
Third Network
Wrotham 91.3 Mc/s (91.3 underlined in red)
2nd clipping
5.0 pm Keyboard Instruments at the Brussels Conservatoire played by Aimee van de Wiele on the Delin upright harpsichord:
Pavane et Gallarde (1530) Pierre Attaignant
Allemande grave (tombeau de Mr de Blancrocher) Ennemond Gaultier
Bransle en faux bourdon (1540) anon
On a positive pipe organ:
Estampie (c. 1325), anon
Franckurgenti – after dufay
Madame vous aves mon cour – marc antonio da Bologna
On the Haas harpsichord:
Bransle de Poicton – anon
Sarabande – Rene Mezangeau
Les baracades Misteriouses – Couperin
Recorded in collab. With the Belgian Broadcasting Service. Next prog. Sept 6
3rd clipping
10:15 Late Gothic Music
Alfred Deller, directed by Gilbert ReaneyDraft version of Delia Derbyshire track listings
Tres Doulz amis – Jean Vayllant
Gemma nitens – anon
He, tres doulz roussignol – Borlet
Se je me Pleing – Machaut
Ad honorem-Celorum – Nicholas Grenon
J’ayme bien celui qui s’en va – Pierre Containe
Gloria – Pycard
(these are not on the tape)

James Percival's notes

CDD/1/9/15 New Comment: Barry Bermange interview
Bermange in conversation with H. A. L. Craig
FORMER REFERENCE: DD017 DATE: 1964 CONTAINS: Inventions for radio: The Dreams, Inventions for radio: Amor Dei, Inventions for radio: The After Life, Inventions for radio: The Evenings of Certain Lives
MEDIUM: 7" reel, 1/4" tape DURATION: 00:32:32
[Reel Side 1] LATEEF / B. [?]
NOTES: First track is unidentified acoustic jazz.
Second track in the reverse direction is “Barry Bermange in conversation with H. A. L. Craig”, from weekly arts review programme New Comment, TX Third Programme 30/11/1964. Bermange and Craig discuss Bermange's work including the Inventions for radio; there is an excerpt from Inventions for radio: The Dreams.