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DD073445 is a sheet of Delia's score fragments on an undated envelope addressed to Miss D. Derbyshire, Radiophonic Workshop, Maida Vale.

On the left half of the page are several rhythm patterns in 6/8 3/4 5/4 4/4 and 12/8, of which phrase (3), in 5/4, looks like the rhythm loop of Pot Au Feu that is played on two tones of a split wooden bell.

On the right is a paragraph of her plans for the piece and eight bars of manuscript for a melody in 3/4.


those int. notes in Avatin [?] :-
[]wave oscillators. In 8ve pairs (in 2xf12[?])
heavy bass cut. through RP2. +7½ ips f/b.
Speeded up w. ??? once. Additional f/b.
With this method, only par??? to do
strictly consecutive notes. f ti w/c mod. [?]
to get more elaborate single line.
wide range diatonic, whole tone etc. scales
got by calculating diff. rez.[?] speeds -
to join tone semitone patterns.