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DD081013 is a sheet of Delia's handwritten notes for The Living World.


Work beg 8th July
                                      - Whole world of nature
     15 Sep.       This Living World.

15-18 sec.

Speak over after 1st few notes

Was John Sparks who would like guitar not whimsy

Curlew bubble
  (not high peeoo)
lions roars
underwater dolphins
     - squeaks and clicks
harsh squawk - hornbill
         lark [dark?]
wind, moaning
bull frogs - jungle

recognisable theme --
ethereal - perhaps
flute - panpipes

20 sec.
close to be less
strong - not
squawk or roar,
ethereal -
bring up under
last few words,
but not prefadeable

low woomph - subliminal
   | different scenes, panning
   | across, linked by wind
   | sky

back office 29th July \ 12 Wed. 31st Jul

|| John Elliot -
|| Head of Progs., West.

in London Thu July 10th[crossed out] 11 till 2.30 Fri. 12
       or Monday mornings -
* decide by beg. August -