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DD083844 is a sheet of Delia's papers for her work on Moogies Bloogies containing a set of her notes for a "radical rethink" on the night of Wednesday [10th August 1966]. She finished the piece the following day.


        Wednesday night - radical rethink - (4)
        Many of previous ideas valid, BUT
        main problem is obviously the handling
        of a tune which may or may not be
        finally used, & particularly its
        bass line -- compromises in the direction
        of clarity tend to introduce an instrumental
        Concentrate _primarily_ on v. good, v. telling,
        v. original, basic sounds.
        Musical organization should at most
        come to a couple of melodic intervals,
        & a couple of non pitched rhythm patterns
both   |short, modulated, twang shaped note for male.
glissed|sine + breathy voice + vib. for fem.

        gentle throb for bass, with occasional bass of
                                blatant heart beats
        make mélanges of above sound.
        + Angels     + slow-moving, semi-random passages
        + laughter
              blurred mélange/slow random passages
              punctuated by _defined_ phrases.
              general _hint_ of tonality.

                    P.S. Write out in
                    full for [sheet reference?]
                    the tune & bass
                    [from ?ier?]