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DD090352 is the third page of the programme for the ICI Fashion Show.

The last page is DD090420.


16 Casual Outfit         TERYLENE/wool worsted        James McCord

17 Rainsuit              PVC coated BRI-NYLON         Paula Dusek

18 Raincoat & Slacks     TERYLENE/cotton              Lily Parker

19 Casual Outfit         TERYLENE/wool worsted        Tim Wallinger

20 Spectator Ski         Jerkin in PVC coated         John Hicks
                         One piece in fur fabric

21 Casual Outfit         CRIMPLENE                    Birgitta Back

22 Suit                  TERYLENE/cotton              Jenny Sharp

23 Carcoat &             Coat in foambacked           Brenda Lewis
   Slacks                BRI-NYLON. Slacks in

24 Casual Outfit         Jacket & trousers            Simon Foster
                         TERYLENE/wool worsted
                         Shirt in BRI-NYLON

25 Topcoat & Slacks      TERYLENE/linen               Lawrence Wilcocks

26 Raincoat & slacks     Coat in BRI-NYLON            Jim O'Connor
                         Slacks in TERYLENE/linen

27 Casual Outfit         Jacket in CRIMPLENE          Birgitta Back
                         Trousers in TERYLENE/
                         Wool worsted

28 Suit                  TERYLENE/linen               Anthony Price

29 Leisure Suit          TERYLENE/wool worsted        John Hicks

30 Suit                  TERYLENE/linen               Simon Foster
                         Shirt in CRIMPLENE