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DD094050 is Delia's list of sounds to make for acts 1 and 2 of The Cloud.


     ------                         |  like telephone wires
                                    |  Jan. 11th.
Act I   metallic  dissonant         |
        beating   sound -           |  in say 3-4 min. lengths.
        narrow    freq. band        |
        (like low leaf)             |  last out must [have?]
                                    |  treated 1½ min. fade.
Act II  nearer  (+ baritone[?]      |
        final.[?])                  |  + treated seagull
                                    | ------------
Chord[?]._very_loud and shattering  |  Muirhead 500
         (wider freq. range)        |      Wob. 2000, 2/sec.. 20 swing[?]
---------------------               | + 15 & 7½ Ph.f/b.
 solitude - in at Q1 wh.[?] leader                                Cloud
           out at usual.

tide[?] has turned mix Q1 + B bd.3 at yellow.
           X fade at horizon & land to medium cloud.
  • bd.: band (i.e. one of several sequences recorded on the same tape).
  • Muirhead: The Muirhead-Wigan D695A tone generator.
  • Q1 may mean "cue 1", referring to a musical or effects cue in the score.
  • wh. (white?) leader and yellow probably refer to Delia's habit of inserting pieces of coloured leader tape to mark different portions in her makeup tapes.
  • Wob.: The Wobbulator.