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DD102148 is a letter dated 21st July 1970 to Delia "herewith cheque for Poetry from Prison..."


                                      24 Sydney Street, London SW3
                                      21st July, 1970
Dear Delia,
          Herewith a cheque in payment for 'Poetry from Prison':
£80 for you, and £5 in addition, which you advanced to Hedley. Since
I have no note of Hedley's address, I'm enclosing a note plus
cheque for him. Could you be very kind and forward it, please?

I have paid John E. Moore for the hire of the sound-equipment, but
have not paid the sound engineer for that night. Do you know his
name, and the means of getting in touch with him? I propose to pay
him £12:12:0, as this is what I paid the other sound engineer (who
did the subsequent programmes) for each of the evenings he
worked for me. I imagine that will be all right=
I loved doing the programme with you, and I hope very much that
there will be opportunities to work together again. I'll try to
pin down my partner in Turret, Bernard Stone, on the subject of doing
a limited edition record; he seemed to think it was a good idea,
but is still a bit vague about _when_.

     TM [?]