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DD103529 is the typewritten text of a poem by Mary Queen of Scots, that Delia may have set to music for Poets in Prison.


                                 Mary Queen of Scots
(written on the morning of her execution)

           O Domine Deus! Speravi in Te,
           O care mi Iesu! nunc libera me.
         In dur&acaret; caten&acaret;, in misera poen&acaret;, desidero te;
           Languendo, gemendo, et genu flectendo,
           Adoro, imploro, ut liberes me!

           My Lord and my God, I have hoped in Thee,
           O Jesu, sweet saviour now liberate me;
           I have languished for Thee in afflictions and chains,
           Through long years of anguish and bodily pains,
           Adoring, imploring, on humbly bowed knee,
           I crave of thy mercy to liberate me!