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DD134745 is a handwritten list of pieces by Kaleidophon.

The other side is DD134709.


                   list 1                   P.T.O.

Lure of the Space Goddess
Time Capsule
London Lemons
Restless Relays           Who is where?
Way out __________________(Fresh aire)
Delia's Idea              
Gothic Submarine                 1      6s. Kal Ident. (O?)
                                 2   1'47s. Way out
     All realised by             3      8s. Fresh Aire
        by Br. & D.                          A theme from
     Composed by Br & D          4     34s Work is a 4 letter word
          unless indicated               4½s3s.
               by (O)           5-7     4s London Lemons x 3
  Crackles on some tracks        8      1' Restless Relays
                               9-10?    1½s/ 3s/ Philips x 2
                                11     27s. Bristows       (O)
                                12     21s. Lure of SP. G.
                                13     21s. Time Capsule
                                14     32s. Gothic Submarine
                                15.    24   L W T.  6 (0)
                              IE FX samples from    3_
                               a series of idents:  5
                                not in current use) 7