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DD135820 is a page of Delia's handwritten list of corrections to her sounds for the Greenwich Macbeth.

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                     no louder than
1   Cue missed ?   Too quiet
        from back
  5  Battle sounds bass cut

3  / A sble[?] Mcbeth hath[?] won leak[?]
   \ Thunder into witches too quiet
4  Drum too loud for MacB.     |with his
                               |former Title
                               |Right speaker
5  Witches disappear LATE      |   too quiet
          actor wait for sound  ---------------

6  1st martletts[?] stay too loud too long --
            quietly thro' out ?

   2nd Martletts too loud !
     fade out too abrupt !

   All thunders need to have attacks
     ??learce exit rather quiet.

   Psycho sound for MacB seeing dagger
      not witches.

     horses earlier please
     led away too loud.

   Trumpet after Banquo's death should come
      in straight - not faded in.

      Witches Dance too loud
               all the time
    overlap with next band, witches.
       apparit scene super
        but watch fade out
         too abrupt

    Drum after nightmare -- this
     time long enough, but made
      something rattle. Also ran on.

    Next drum too loud.

       Fight should get louder
    Get fight link at head off !

     Last sound louder.