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DD140425 is a sheet of Delia's handwritten notes for the Greenwich Macbeth.

It is clearly the plan for a piece of music - maybe the Witches' dance?


   4 time
[A] primitive vocal - mysterious, smokey
    + celeste
    followed by tacet 2 beats
[B] |semi-electric organ - twanging in crochets for 58 bars
     + |every time bass hissing noise
[C]    "

[D] add shrill reed sound d. [<-dotted minim]

[E] add low clarinet for quavers - sustained

[F]      "   "   "    8ve higher more penetrating
    & add vocal organ counterpoint - semi marcato

[G] [ Add quivering bass pedal note ]
[H] Hissing every bar  | Modulation |
   ------              --------------
   |reed sound added in parallel
[I] Quavers fade : bass pedal loses quiver

[J] Now only bar pedal
[K] Celeste comes in & tail to fade. 

    24 Bars of singles

    19 Bars of Double fade
    on Bar 19 to 20.

The VCS3 dope sheet for the "twangy crochets" at [B] is DD140505.