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DD141844 is a letter dated 26th August 1970 from Delia's to D. R. J. Doyle.

It is her reply to his letter of the 15th June, DD141820.


                                                      26th August 1970
Mr. D. R. J. Doyle,
6, Dee Way,

Dear Mr. Doyle,

     Thank you for your letter of the 15th June: I apologize for the
delay in replying.

     I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed my pieces on the record
BBC Radiophonic Music.  We are planning to issue another LP, this time
in stereo, but this will probably not be until next year.

     Noting your interest in unusual time signatures I wonder whether you
know the music of "Soft Machine", a jazz-oriented pop group who specialise
in these.  The Radiophonic Workshop is collaborating with "Soft Machine" for
two Study Session programmes on Radio 3.  These will come at the end of the
"Pop Scene" series when it is repeated this year.

     In the case of the disk by Ray Cathode (who is in fact an imaginary person),
the rhythm track of "Time Beat" and the tune of "Waltz in Orbit" were provided
by the Radiophonic Workshop and the instrumental arrangements were done, I
believe, by George Martin.

     For your interest I am enclosing a list of relevant records, but I must
point out that this was compiled some time ago, and as so many records
of this nature are being issued nowadays we no longer endeavour to keep it
up to date.

     There is one additional LP I should bring to your notice: "An Electric
Storm" by "White Noise".  It was issues by Island Records last year and its
number is ILPS 9099.  I collaborated in its composition and electronic
realisation, and I hope you will also appreciate the playing of the excellent
young jazz drummer Paul Lytton who is heard on several of the tracks.

     I hope this information answers your questions.

                                Yours sincerely,

                                Delia Derbyshire.
                  Organiser, Radiophonic Workshop (Acting).