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DD152618 is a sheet of Delia's handwritten notes for The Naked Sun.


        Doors - lifted

M1 M2   Capsule - lifted
           needs copying + ITC
           use this for P.27, Gr's death.  pen ult.  this should be
M7a     Stab (rips off shirt)             (lifted)   \o with dead end
M5      Conversation room - (2nd ½ of misc. mus.)

M8      Suspense baby farm  (lifted b/w)

M9      foetal lab   (mixed fr. 1st ½ at 15
                                  & 2nd at 7½

M10     pre-arrow  (5 lifted) 1st one

arrow   use 1st  arrow - 1st 5 lifted

       shorter \o ends dead
        poot[?] arrow - 3 lifted

M15     arm crushes down (lifted

M17     Leebig      (lifted     1st part good
                                don't use musical part
                                dramatic ending dead.

  2 separate sets of tapes for each day: music & effects (Door Arrow)