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DD153931 is Barry Bermange's typewritten plan for the Inventions for Radio.


Mid-century Attitudes  -  Barry Bermange
---------------------     --------------

Towards a programme of actuality speech and electronic sound.

The whole to be formally organized in a musical sense (notes of
2.3.63 relevant).
Time scale  -  the inverse logarithmic half way in a 30 minute
programme (for placing of climax) is 17½ mins.
Overall shape is to get more fragmented and contrapuntal towards
the climax, though this may be done on small scales throughout,
but at the same time maintaining the balance of more mixing to
cutting earlier, and V.V. towards climax.
The selecting of key phrases for various points in the script,
and the hinting at these beforehand by musical phrases of the
same pitch and rhythm, to make them all the more significant when they come.
Use of silence to frame a particularly meaningful phrase or state-
ment, and the very deliberate placing of exquisitely formed sounds.