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DD263 is the Initial Catalogue number of one of Delia's Attic Tapes containing the radio programme about Cubism.

Mark Ayres' notes

Type: 10.5" reel, 1/4" tape
Label: Cubism prog, copy of tx
Description: Appears to be a blank reel

Louis Niebur's notes

DD263 – tail out. Copy of Cubism
Starts at 7½, with Alan Hoddinot’s folk suites. Then jumps to 15.
Then becomes cubism documentary, with radiophonic music.
Also contains the mystery White Noise song! (DD262)

James Percival's notes

CDD/1/2/1 Cubism TX
Schools radio programme about Cubism
DATE: 1968
CONTAINS: Art and Design: Cubism
MEDIUM: 10.5" reel, ¼" tape
DURATION: 00:26:21
LABELS: [Reel label:] Cubism prog / Copy of TX
NOTES: Off-air extracts of Alun Hoddinott's 1962 Folksong Suite and unidentified 20th-century piano music. Then, a radio programme about Cubism narrated by Edward Lucie-Smith, including the song Under the Pont Mirabeau (CDD/1/2/2 Cubism song), interjections to the narration with brief metallic-strike sounds, and interludes based on the electric guitar 'octaves' material from CDD/1/2/3 Treated electric guitar.
Part of the following continuity announcement is included: “The programme was by Edward Lucie-Smith, with Radiophonic music by Delia Derbyshire. The poem by Apollinaire was sung by John Whitman.” Part of an unrelated BBC Schools programme follows. Tail out.

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