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Delia is credited with music for a BBC television programme "Famous Gossips" produced by Patrick Garland in which "Six literary immortals [are] brought to life by six well-known actors".

Its tape is dated 1st May 1965 and its catalogue entry says it was first broadcast on 22nd August of the same year[1] but we don't know if Delia's music was a theme for the whole series or only for the first episode.


The BBC Genome Project lists:[2]

  • 22 Aug. 1965 - John Aubrey: The Antiquary
  • 29 Aug. 1965 - Parson Yorick: The Sentimental Traveller
  • 01 Sep. 1965 - Harriette Wilson: Angelic Harry
  • 12 Sep. 1965 - Charles Apperley: The Tribute to Squire Mytton
  • 19 Sep. 1965 - Augustus Hare: The Years with Mother
  • 26 Sep. 1965 - Oscar Wilde: Monsieur Sebastian Melmoth


  • 21 Feb, 1968 - The Years with Mother: Alan Bennett plays Augustus Hare, presumably a repeat.

Related work

Patrick Garland's "long-running West End production of Brief Lives came out of an episode about Aubrey in Famous Gossips (1965), the BBC television series Garland made with [Alan] Bennett"[3] and one of Delia's Attic Tapes is labelled "Brief Lives"[4] as is a BBC tape credited to Brian Hodgson.[5]


  • Unknown: Squire Mytton
  • Played By: Nigel Stock
  • Unknown: John Mytton
  • Introduced By: Hugo Dyson
  • Designer: Julia Trevelyn Oman
  • Produced By: Patrick Garland[2]


  • Broadcast on BBC1 on 22nd August 1965 at 10.40pm[1][2]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6302.[1]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 4.[1][6]


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