I Have Decoded You

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I Have Decoded You is a work by Anthony Newley, said to be "classic Newley vocals" with "background sounds made up of a number of samples from other sources, standard BBC Radiophonic tape loops for SFX or white noise generation, and a fascinating edit of electronic pioneer Henk Badings' Evolutionen 5.[1]

It seems that Delia's only contribution to this was to provide Newley with recordings of other people's electronic music to "sing" over.

The backgrounds are from parts 3 and 5, Ragtime and Waltz:[2]

  • 3. Ragtime
  • 5. Waltz (11:01-11:58)

Trunk records, on the sleeve notes, wrongly credit Delia as one of the artists, and Henk Badings goes uncredited.