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James Percival

James Percival's BA thesis was about Delia's music and his 2013 Masters thesis was Delia Derbyshire's Creative Process[1]. He was then "Musicologist, Delia Derbyshire Archive" at Manchester University[2] and indexed the Attic Tapes and Attic Papers.

He has also written a paper Review of "Special Sound: The Creation and Legacy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop" and given a talk "Beyond 'Doctor Who': (re)discoveries from Delia Derbyshire's tape archive"[3] and was a panel member at the first Delia Derbyshire Day event in 2013.[4]

“There was a perception by [BBC] musicians at the time that the BBC Radiophonic workshop would put them out of business. Now, THAT got her back up.”[4]

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