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Johann Merrich is the stage name of the Venetian electronic musician "Giulia".

She is the author of a book which mentions Delia, Le Pioniere della Musica Elettronica ("The Female Pioneers of Electronic Music") published in Italian in 2012 by Auditorium Edizioni,[1] and a theatrical production Annusavamo fiori di fibra ottica ("We sniffed fibre-optic flowers") in which an actor plays the part of Delia and which had its first performance on the 8th of March 2013.[2]

In a recorded lecture, she describes Delia as "the paladin of English electronic music [and] the most badly mistreated figure in the history of the Radiophonic Workshop" and says that, while researching the book, she contacted Elizabeth Parker, "the last woman to work at the Radiophonic Workshop, who stopped working there in 1995", who emailed her saying that "nobody spoke of Derbyshire at the Radiophonic workshop. She was never mentioned."[3]