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Delia created sound for at least two productions of the Scottish play.


The following are papers for one of the Macbeths, but we don't know which:

  • DD154725: VCS3 dope sheet: "last frog, cat, owl, birds, seawash, h|b. see seawash" [on BBC dope sheet]
  • DD154749: VCS3 dope sheet: "Seawash" [on EMS dope sheet]
  • DD154814: VCS3 dope sheet: "MacBeth Drum" [on EMS dope sheet]

Unit Delta Plus dissolved in 1967 and Peter Zinovieff built EMS from its ashes, so they may be for the 1967 production.


It is also unclear which Macbeth the following tape is for:

  • DD137: "Atmos Indian Macbeth"