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Delia created "various openings and closings" for "Mathematics Around You",[1] a BBC television series for schools produced by Andree Molyneux, aimed at age 7-9 and consisting of eight 20-minute episodes[2] broadcast from 24th April-23rd June 1967.[3][4]

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated 1st November 1966.[1]

Tape TRW 6848, labelled "Pete Brady Show", claims to be a copy of Happy Birthday taken from TRW 6586: "Mathematics Around You" and broadcast on 30th April 1968.[5]


  1. Sorting: A children's birthday party provides some mathematical situations.
  2. Ordering: A small boy enjoys using mathematics when preparing for a jumble sale.
  3. Length: The adventure playground Is an exciting place for all kinds of measuring.
  4. Weight: Baking cakes, building a see-saw, weighing a guinea-pig - they are all part of a day's work for eight-year-old Kim.
  5. Containers: Measuring with water, sand, and cubes.
  6. Shapes: Shapes seen from the Thames.
  7. Surfaces: A school day for Chris and his friends Includes papering a Wendy house and roofing a hut.
  8. Looking Further: Lalitha's class prepares a play about a game of chess.[4]


There is a bundle of Delia's manuscript papers, clipped together, for six programmes in a series about Mathematics. One sheet is headed "Maths Prog", and another bears the date "3.67".


  • Broadcast from 24th April to 23rd June 1967 at 11.05am on BBC1.[1]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6586.[1]